23 April 2014

New theme! I was getting a little bored of the old one. Don't forget, I'm always more than happy to chat with you guys, so send me a message!

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Slowly but surely cleaning out my main blog (renamed to katemsev) so that I can move my daily riding journal over to it. This blog will still exist but only as an archive for all my previous journal entries, progress photos, etc.

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ottbluvr sent: I am so sorry about your mare :( I wish you could keep her. You've both come so far ❤️

:3 Thank you. I really wish I could keep her too!

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Slowly but surely cleaning out my main blog (renamed to katemsev) so that I can move my daily riding journal over to it. This blog will still exist but only as an archive for all my previous journal entries, progress photos, etc.

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13 July 2014

I am beyond ready for my day-and-a-half off.

Did some grid work the other day and really had to work on maintaining pace around a tighter turn so that I came into the grid with enough power. That’s especially important when all the fences in the grid are from 4’3”-4’9”. Condor was really super, I just need to keep working on my accuracy. Also got to jump one of the youngsters, Chiquito. Jumping comes as naturally to him as breathing. It’s absolutely insane. He’s only 5 but I think in the right hands he will have a very bright future.

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equinefeather sent: #1 #18

1. Why did you start riding?

Because I liked horses and managed to convince my parents to let me take lessons when we moved to Texas. I wonder, now, if they regret saying yes. I was hooked from day one.

18. Goals for riding?

I would like to pursue a professional career and establish myself consistently at the top levels of either eventing or show jumping. My life goal would really be to own a small facility with several competitions horses and an active sales program.

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Questions for Riders

1. Why did you start riding?
2. What was the name of the first horse you rode?
3. The horse that taught you the most?
4. Scariest riding experience?
5. Riding related pet peeve?
6. Picture of your first horse?
7. Biggest achievement in riding so far?
8. Which discipline do you do?
9. If you could try a different discipline, which would you pick?
10. Showing or trail riding?
11. Thoroughbreds or warmbloods?
12. Favourite breed of horse?
13. Best riding advice you've ever gotten?
14. What does everyone need to know about horses?
15. Colourful or traditional tack?
16. Favourite part of the equestrian community?
17. Least favourite part?
18. Goals for riding?
19. Worst advice you've ever gotten?
20. Were you ever "that one horse girl" in school?
21. Most embarrassing moment?
22. What is the best part of riding right now?
23. What do you want to change about the way you ride?
24. Favourite famous horse?
25. The worst habit a horse could have is?
26. Do you listen to music when you ride? What songs?
27. Favourite place to show at? Post a picture?
28. Are you a nervous rider?
29. Ever been on a horse- themed holiday?
30. If you knew you could, what would you change about the horse world?
31. What are the goals behind the way you ride and train your horses?
32. Describe your perfect horse.
33. What is in your grooming bucket?
34. Worst ride ever?
35. Do your parents and friends support your riding?
36. Worst fall you've ever had?
37. Most recent fall?
38. Favourite riding outfit?
39. Riding idol?
40. Are you going to have a career with horses?
41. Do you have any equitation flaws you'd like to fix?
42. Are there any styles/ trends/ etc that you don't like in the horse world?
43. Any training methods that you completely disagree with?
44. What is your grooming routine?
45. Thoughts on riding without a helmet?
46. Small or big horses?
47. Funniest show name you've ever heard?
48. What would you name your dream horse?
49. Favourite colour of horse?
50. For or against spurs, crops and artificial aids?
51. Describe your horse, if you have one!
52. How high have you jumped?
53. Do you have a job with horses?
54. How many times a week are you at the barn?
55. Have you ever catch ridden?
56. Bareback or saddle?
57. Thoughts on liberty?
58. Rider you would like to meet?
59. Any other facts about yourself and your horses!
p0ny-pony-h0rs3 sent: hey! i was wondering if you had any advice for me... i'm starting a year placement as a "working pupil" on a small hunt/livery yard next week, and am wondering what to bring with me in terms of clothes? is there anything you find to be particularly useful? stuff you can't live without? and do you have any food/cooking tips for meals that keep you going throughout the day? i/m so glad that everything is going so well for you at the moment! thank you xxx

Really depends on how much riding you’ll be doing, but try to invest in some quality, comfortable breeches if you can. Get some good jeans as well and always, always make sure you have a change of clothes at the barn. You never know when you’ll need them! I really like wearing collared shirts and in the summer I live in either linen or 100% cotton as they’re more breathable. Also you can never have too many pairs of socks.

For meals, make sure you’re not skipping breakfast! I usually have some plain oatmeal sweetened with honey and add some fresh fruit like bananas or blueberries, or I’ll scramble up two eggs and put them on toast and have fruit on the side. I also usually have either coffee or a Red Bull in the morning. Being some snacks, like fruit or nuts or granola bars, down to the barn to grab if you get hungry between meals. Lunch for me is usually a turkey and avocado sandwich, a massive smoothie with added protein, or I drive down to the corner store and get a protein bar and some Gatorade.

ETA: I also take a daily multivitamin with iron and a B12 energy supplement.
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the-wayfaring-stranger sent: Hey there, I've started doing some lower level dressage with my horse (USDF training/USEF 1st) , and we've started working on lengthening strides at the trot and canter. I've got the basic concept, but would you have any tips or advice to keep in mind?

Really focus on maintaining a consistent rhythm. Lengthening doesn’t mean going faster! A lot of people mistake a quicker stride for a lengthening and that’s just not the case. Really encourage your horse to stretch from behind through your hand and into a longer stride. Use your half halts to help keep him/her balanced and maintaining a quality, forward rhythm. Don’t necessarily ask for a full diagonal right off the bat. Play around on a circle with a few steps of lengthening, then back to working or even some shortened steps (again focusing on the quality of the rhythm). Use lateral work to help strengthen the hind end and back to make lengthening even easier on your horse.

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J: I hope one day when I take you to a show you find some guy who can ride as good as me and who is as smart as me.
Me: Aren't you a little full of yourself right now?
J: No.
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9 July 2014

Vet was out and here for like 3 hours this morning so only our main horses got ridden, unfortunately. But on the plus side while I was getting Condor warmed up to flat my boss came in and told me to start warming him up over fences and I got to jump a bit, which was awesome! Condor is 7 and just did his first Grand Prix this spring so jumping him is a real treat and I definitely enjoy it. My last jump school on him wasn’t really ideal. I was just struggling so much to see my distances and really ride. Today kind of started off the same but I really focused and pulled out some really good rounds.

It was a nice confidence boost for me, which I’m sure was my boss’s primary motivation, and I’m feeling much better about jumping him tomorrow for our grid work day. Also my mom might be coming out to watch me ride this weekend and I’m a little nervous. I want her to really see that I can do this and that I do have a chance at a future in this sport. J definitely believes I can make it happen. He said I have a real, natural feel and that I also have the work ethic to go along with it. He also said his expectations for me have been totally surpassed and that he’s been completely blown away with my progress over the last five weeks, which is really encouraging and makes me feel that much more confident and motivated.

J said that if I had grown up riding in Europe I’d’ve been snatched up by someone as their rider a long time ago.

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