23 April 2014

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"Easy, mom."

She looks fantastic Kate

Thank you! She did this same exercise the following week with everything set a little bigger and was even better! I wish I had gotten that on video, but oh well. :3

I keep telling myself I will do my laundry and start going through my clothes to pack, but I keep not doing it. #procrastinationwin

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lovehopetwist sent: Do you feed ulcer guard as a preventative? (We give it before or horses ship out). If so, do you think a mom brand name omeprazole would work the same way/be okay?

I sometimes do. Usually I give Annie ulcergard at overnight shows. She’ll get 1 dose a day that we’re there. As for omeprazole, are you talking human pills crushed up and given to a horse or a different horsey brand? In my opinion, it’s best to stick with omeprazole specifically made for horses. A horse’s digestive system and a human’s are vastly different and human-grade omeprazole may not be as effective as omeprazole specifically made to target a horse’s body. If you’re really unsure, talk to your vet.

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Annie’s favorite part of Florida so far is the green grass.

Not surprising. She’s a little piglet.

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constantliketheseasons sent: How many holes difference are your stirrup leathers: dressage, jumping, cross country?

I have super long legs, so there’s quite a large difference as I prefer a really short jumping length compared to most people. My stirrup leathers have half-holes (spaced closer together) and the difference between my dressage jumping length is about 10-11 holes. Currently, actually, my leathers are really stretched out so for jumping I have to wrap my leathers around my stirrup once to get them short enough.

My show jumping and cross country length are the same.

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21 April 2014

Got a couple Annie updates.

She traveled well yesterday and drank a lot of water on the trailer. Did not eat a lot of her hay, but that’s pretty normal for her. I’m just pleased that she drank a lot of water. That’s definitely the most important thing.

They got in touch with me again today around mid-morning and said she loaded well, seemed to settle in and is a lot less fidgety in the trailer today so far. They’re looking to get into Ocala later this evening and will probably text/call when they get there and hopefully send me a picture in the morning.

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ohthelindsanity sent: How did you arrange shipping for Annie? I used uShip to find someone to ship Sawyer, and I ended up having a horrible experience. The first person I found was amazing, but his truck broke down on the way here, so I had to use someone else who was good to my horse, but an awful person to work with.

My employers were actually already planning on shipping a horse out from Houston (which is a few hours away from me) so they arranged for their shipper to swing by and pick up Annie on his way. Cheaper for both of us as we could split the shipping fee and they know the shipper personally and he’s done runs for them before, so everything was very straightforward.

In the past, though, I’ve used Equine Express and Sallee Horse Transport. I LOVE Sallee, they do a fabulous job, so if they make runs near you and you need to ship again, definitely try and get in touch with them. I’m very willing to pay a little extra for someone I know will take the absolute best care of my horse. I’m a worry wart and sometimes a control freak so I absolutely have to know that my horse is going to be well taken care of to my standards when I’m not there to do it myself.

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whinnies-and-nickers sent: Hello! I just wanted to say I started following you toward the beginning of your journey with Annie, and you've done wonderful things with her. Best of luck in Florida, it sounds like an amazing oppurtunity for you two :)

Thanks so much! I’m really excited and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. Most of all I’m super happy because it will really afford me the opportunity to get her back out and showing again, which I can’t wait to do!

I’ll definitely still be posting here and updating you guys, hopefully as regularly as I’ve been doing already..

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theeventingnerd sent: Is Annie in Florida yet? When are you going?

She left yesterday and they should be arriving later today! I leave early on April 29th and will get in later that evening. So she has a little over a week to relax and settle in.

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